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Bamboo Lota: The Dream for a Sustainable Malawi


Bamboo Lota hopes to bring environmental, health, and economic improvements to poverty-stricken Malawians through the establishment of a diverse bamboo company. “Lota” means “to dream” in Chichewa an

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Murimi said on November 14, 2009

Africa has seen the worst effects of environmental degradation and it is high time we think of ways of improving our environment without always playing the victim.the fact that the project is keen to ensure environmental conservation and improved health standards is something that is commendable. Kenya, and Africa at large has been grappling with environmental, health and poverty issues for a long time,it is high time that we brainstorm to secure the future of Africa by all means.i hope the project will be introduced in Kenya and help in our efforts to conserve the environment which has been adversely affected.

kui said on November 4, 2009

good luck!

sun_lim said on October 30, 2009

Good luck! :D

CarolineC said on October 26, 2009

Practical idea! Good luck!

lnguyen said on October 18, 2009

this sounds really great!

mjguo said on October 15, 2009

good luck!

marialessa said on October 15, 2009

Good luck!!

lugiamania said on October 15, 2009

I voted! Good luck!

katai said on October 15, 2009

you got my vote Kyson! hope the word goes around and succeed the idea.

esu said on October 15, 2009

this is really cool that you came up with this, hope you win!

ivanmiter said on October 15, 2009

good luck man!

jenz said on October 14, 2009

awesome idea kyson! I'll post it around too!

jimqshen said on October 14, 2009

Good luck Kyson!

freddywolfe said on October 14, 2009

Good Luck!!!

dungdao said on October 11, 2009

This is amazing stuff Kyson. I can definitely see your passion for this throughout your writing, which is inspiring to read. The best of luck to you and keep up the great work you are doing.

wishbox10 said on October 11, 2009

good luck!!

wheresjoanna said on October 9, 2009

Hi Kyson, Your Aunt Kate emailed us about your idea, and it sounds great! Good luck!

amybond said on October 7, 2009

Good Luck Kyson!

JulieRolla said on October 6, 2009

Good luck and awesome idea!

valberry said on October 2, 2009

Good Luck Kyson! I will be selling your ideas to as many people as possible to help you!

aschao said on October 1, 2009

I have a dream that one day the nation of Malawi will rise up and live out the true Bamboo Charcoal dream!

dgeri said on October 1, 2009

looks good!

kristungati said on October 1, 2009

great idea!!! i love it

jokilydokily said on October 1, 2009

This is an awesome idea! =)

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