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Round 2 Winners!

Round 2 of the Africa Rural Connect competition came to a close at noon eastern time on September 15th. We had the opportunity to catch up with the primary contributors of the three award-winning ideas and get an inside look on what has inspired them to build these ideas and bring them to the ARC community. You can listen to each of these brief testimonials below:

1st Place: Self Supported Ghanaian Subsistent Farmers Consortium

Photo: David Agyemang from Ghana

Primary contributor David Agyemang explains the project to us:


2nd Place: The Acceleration of Innovation

Photo: Full Belly Project log- courtesy of

Primary contributor, Jeff Rose, tells us about The Full Belly Project and about his idea:


3rd Place: Project Irrigation Initiative- Region Kedougou, Senegal

Photo:An example of a Deep-well Hand pump- courtesy of

We got in touch with primary contributor Angela Michalek who served in Senegal and she told us details about this project


These are the Runner-ups who recieved Round Winner Badges:

Redesigning Africa's Ox-Powered Farm Tools

CreditSMS: The Future of Microfinance (

Ecological Sanitation System Using Human Urine as a Fertilizer to Replenish Nutrient-Depleted Agricultural Soil

Open Educational Resources on Rural Development via Mobile

Village Power- The Community Charging Station

We Have the Opportunity for Africa to Awaken the Full Potential That We See in Ourselves... Hope That... Is Not Based on Foreign Solutions... But on the Wealth of Local Resources

Solar-Powered, Eco-Friendly Ovens

Remember, Round 3 has just begun and will be running until October 15th. There is still time to get involved and collaborate on some new ideas. Post your ideas soon!

Win a prize for your idea!


Win a prize for your idea!
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