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Horticultural Production of Snow Peas, Sugar Snaps, and Garden Peas


my idea involves horticultural farming of snow peas,sugar snaps and garden peas for sale in the international market especially European market,which i will reach through some of Kenyas sea



George Kionero Wahome

Fresh Foods Holdings

P.O. Box 96

North Kinangop , Kenya

Cell Phone +254 721 149 366

email : [email protected]

17th September 2009



 My agribusiness project involves horticultural production of vegetables which include sugar snaps,  snow peas and garden peas, for sale in the international markets Which are European union, Asia and Western countries through local seasoned vegetable  exporters which include among others Homegrown Kenya Ltd , Kenya Horticultural Exporters Ltd (K.H.E.), Idu farm, Everest Enterprises  and Wamu Enterprises.


 There are a number of challenges facing small scale horticulture farmers in Kenya and  who forms the bulk of the producers. These challenges  include.

-Inadequate or lack of rainfall resulting to low yields or total crop failure.

-Inadequate or inaccessibility to the market information, leading to poor timing of


-Lack or inadequate capital, coupled with increased cost of production due to the   

  rising cost of farm inputs.

-Inaccessibility to credit facilities from financial institution due to lack of 

  collateral to attach as a security.

-Lack of storage facilities and poor road networks leading to inaccessibility to the



Ø   I would like to take advantage of the current and projected high demand for these vegetables in the international market, which the Fresh producers and Exporters Association of Kenya, (FPEAK) estimates to have short by at least 30% and even doubled for some products such as French beans.

Currently the industry is experiencing a shortage of supply which is largely attributed to low production by small scale farmers and this is due to rainfall failure leading to low yield and even total crop failure in some regions

I intend to irrigate my crops rather than relying on the rain, this will ensure high production even when the weather is not very conducive and especially during the high seasons which will in turn translate to high demand and better prices for my produce.

Ø   I would also like to make better use of government agencies which have been mandated to promote horticultural production in the country, which includes among others Export Promotion Council (E.P.C) and Horticultural Crops Development Authority (HCDA) .

Market information from these sources together with their extension services will enable me make appropriate timing of my produce and also adopt better control and management measures of pests and diseases.

I have been in horticultural farming for four years now although producing on a very small scale through this  I have been able to learn a few lessons including production process, financial  requirements, market cycles and sales  with this experiences  and information I intend to be producing more during the high seasons which run from March to mid June then September to December, this will guarantee high demand and better prices for my produce. Previously during these seasons a Kilogram of fresh peas  has been trading at Ksh 90-150.

Ø   I would also like to seek donor funding that would enable me set my idea working   through establishment of a farm with a complete irrigation system which have proved to be a vital requirement  for any horticultural production.

Ø   The other major driving force which I suppose you will conquer with me is that a business dealing with basic human needs will always count as people will have to put food on the table irrespective of the prevailing hard economic times being experienced globally.

The market

  • My target market include European union, Asia and Western countries which I intend to reach through local . already established vegetable exporters which include among others Homegrown Kenya Ltd, Kenya Horticultural Exporters (K.H.E.) Wamu enterprises, Everest Enterprises and Idu farm  which have collection points in our region.
  • The market share is unlimited and competition quite  low considering that most small scale farmers are producing little due to the challenges outlined  earlier  on and with the major one being over reliance on rainfall.  I intend to utilize irrigation and this will maximize my production during the dry seasons.  

Development /production

Production process

Ø The crop takes 75days from planting to maturity upon which  it’s harvested for a duration of 12 weeks or more.

Ø The process starts with land preparation which entails ploughing , harrowing, leveling and furrowing after which seeds are planted at  a rate of 10 Kgs per acre with 4-5 kgs of D.A.P fertilizer per Kg of seed. The seeds germinate after 8 days during which they are sprayed with pesticide to control cutworms. First weeding/ topdressing with C.A.N. Fertilizer is done after 3 weeks at a rate of 2-3 Kgs per 1 Kg of seed. Afterwards application of foliar fertilizer, control and management of pest and diseases is carried out as the crop may demand.  4th week the crop is supported with sticks / stoppers and threads. The crop flowers at around 7th week  and harvesting starts after the 10th week. Harvesting is done twice per week Mondays and Fridays for a duration of 12 weeks or more

Cost of development : For a 5 acre project which I intend to establish by early January 2010 planting late January and then start harvesting mid April  to late June

-Major requirements

v     Farmland 5 acres with a permanent river frontage, rent for 5 years at a cost of Ksh5000/= per acre per year, total Ksh 125,000/=

v     Water pump (Honda 6hp) Ksh 79,000/=

v     Sunction Pipes 10 meters Ksh 4,000/=

v     Distribution pipes 500 meters Ksh 20,000/=

v     Sticks / Stoppers 15000 pieces Ksh 45,000/=

v     Spraying Pumps 8 Pieces Ksh 12,000/=

v     Water Tank 10000l Ksh 45,000/=

v     Fertilizers, Chemicals and seeds

·        Seeds 50Kgs Ksh 27,000/=

·        DAP Fertilizer 4 bags Ksh 10,000/=

·        Karate 12satchets Ksh 1,800/=

·        CAN fertilizer 4 bags Ksh 6,800/=

·        Threads 20 pieces Ksh 11,000/=

·        Score 1l Ksh 5,000/=

·        Duduthrin 5l Ksh 5,500/=

·        Supergro 15l Ksh 9,300/=

·        Mastergro 10l Ksh 5,000/=

·        Citishooter 2l Ksh 2,800/=


o       Ploughing  Ksh 30,000/=

o       Harrowing Ksh 30,000/=

o       Leveling Ksh 5,000/=

o       Furrows Ksh 7,500/=

o       Planting Ksh 7,500/=

o       Weeding Ksh 12,000/=

o       Stoppers labour Ksh 5,000/=

o       Moulding Ksh 10,000/=


§         Stoppers transport to the farm

§         Spraying cost

§         Water pump fuel                            

§         Harvesting cost

§         Grading  shed                                   Ksh 100,000

§          Toilet / wash room

§         Tap water connection

§         Farm attendants salaries


Total cost of development /production Ksh 623,700/=

Sales projection  

 An acre of  land holds 10 Kgs of seeds , with a kg of seed producing an average of 40kgs of fresh peas per week and harvesting duration extending to 12 weeks or more and with prices ranging from Ksh 90-150 (Based on the past experiences)

 Therefore for a 5 acre project I expect

5 (acres) x10 (seeds in kgs per acre )x 40 (kgs of fresh peas per kg of seed per week) x12 (harvesting duration in weeks )x 100 (average price in Ksh per  kg of fresh produce).

Total projected returns Ksh 2.4 million

Support services

·        Government agencies which have been  mandated to promote horticultural production in the country including –EPC,HCDA, and  FPEAK

·        International finance corporation’s SME Solution Centre 

·        Media/ internet for access to market information

·        Established  farms and government extension officers for advice

·        Donor funding

Parting short

Currently I am a high school biology and chemistry teacher having graduated with a Bachelors degree in education science from Egerton University in 2008 I am also engaged in small scale Horticultural farming of sugar snap, Snow peas and garden peas in North Kinangop Division, Nyandarua South District , Central Province, Kenya

 I am open and I will be glad to receive your comments , advice, input and criticism that will go along way in ensuring that I succeed in my passionate project – Horticultural farming 



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