Project Anna: Drama for HIV/AIDS Prevention


Project Anna: Drama for HIV/AIDS Prevention Training local professionals to utilize drama to teach about HIV/AIDS


Project Anna is a partnership between BamatMabat and Garisco to run additional street theater projects in Tanzania starting with the Kilwa District. At various workshops, BamatMabat will provide workshop leaders to train local professionals (teachers, social workers, etc.) in the art of street theater. The international coordinator of Project Anna, Talia Weiss, visited Tanzania for one month in Summer 2009. During this time, she facilitated four street theater groups and trained two professionals.

Project Anna differs from other street theater based campaigns combating HIV/AIDS as it is intended to:

1. * Train professionals in the method of street theater thus enabling the groups to function on their own without the constant interference of outside workers. The arrival of outside workers is usually costly, less sufficient, and can be seen as an intrusion by the natives. Professionals indigenous to the region know the resources available, speak the language, and are familiar with the culture and therefore would be the ideal and effective candidates to educate about HIV/AIDS prevention. This is as opposed to forces from abroad who staff most HIV/AIDS campaigns.
2. Train and produce peer educators. As mentioned earlier, due to lack of sexual education in the school system and low number of teenagers enrolled in school, most HIV/AIDS education ends up being inadvertently peer based and is therefore grossly erroneous. It is important that youth who are seen as leaders in their community immediately ascertain correct information.
3. Reach areas (such as Lindi) which have yet to have seen successful IEC programs.
4. Be long term. Project Anna will begin with the Kilwa district and should cover the entire Lindi region within a X year period. The project will then continue nationally to other rural regions.



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