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Swamy Goat Farm


Swamy Investments Uganda is a new company founded in 2009 by two engaged individuals who had an investment interest in early 2007. it deals in agricultural products especially Poultry, goat rearing an



Swamy Investments Uganda

Swamy Investments Uganda is a new company founded in 2009 by two engaged individuals who had an investment interest in early 2007. it deals in agricultural products especially Poultry, goat rearing and husbandry with main focus on maize farming.

We intend to focus more on start with animal husbandry more so Goat rearing. The goats will be reared for meat and much focus will be put on those that can grow fat enough in tropical conditions. Hence targeting an average reap of 20 – 30 kg of goat meat.

We plan to build a slaughter house in the first 5 years where accepted slaughter procedures will be followed and with intentions of meat export.

Goat rearing in Uganda

Goats in Uganda have not been artificially selected along breed characteristics to distinguish them phenotypically. Stiff natural selection over the years, however, has produced a population that could be better characterised by two phenotypes: the Small East African Goat which is a small and low weight type, and the Mubende which is a fairly heavy and tall type. Their spatial distribution is obviously not distinct and stunted growth resulting from marginalisation could obscure an otherwise better phenotypic performance. This is chiefly due to opportunistic breeding, feeding and husbandry methods. In 1963 the goat population was estimated to be 2.5 million compared to 0.8 million sheep and 3.2 million cattle (Jameson, 1970). Devendra and Burns (1970) compiled the following data on Ugandan goats: average birth weight of 2.1-2.4 kg; sexual maturity at four months with an average body weight of 14-15 kg; no seasonal breeding; three kiddings in two years with 10-30% twinning; and adult live body weight of 35 kg (range: 20-50 kg). Over 1.5 million goats and sheep were slaughtered in 1960 for human consumption and 1.4 million skins were exported. Jameson (1970) and Okello and Obwolo (1985) stressed the significance of goats as producers of meat, as it is generally preferred over other meats. Mubende goat skins are also of outstanding quality.


Swamy Investments Uganda shall deal in agricultural products especially breeding and cultivation of Mubende goats. We intend to breed these goats in open free range system known as the paddock method. In the paddock method, the land of farm production is subdivided into various sections from which the goats will be free ranged in various periods of the season.

Breeding and maturity

Mubende female goats mature in 7 months and males at 12 months. Also the speed of growth depends on the care given to them. Two months after giving birth, a goat can be ready to reproduce again. With one and half years , it can reproduce twice. Goats have a gestation period of 5 months. Their production rate is not affected by the weather in Uganda.


Swamy Investments Uganda is going to breed and cultivate Mubende goats, use the revenues accruing from this business venture to expand production and enter partnership with individual farmers interested in doing goat farming business on behalf of Swamy investments Uganda.

To breed and cultivate high quality goat meat for both the local market and export, offer consultancy services to new entrants in the local goat farming market and look for market for the produce.


In a period of three years, we hope to breed about 500 goats for local supply. We also hope that in a period of not more than 7 years, we start exporting goat meat thus earning more revenues and increase our potential to employ the Ugandan populace.


  1. To improve standards of living of several people through employment as well as co- venturing between the owners of Swamy Goats investment Uganda and individual farmers.

  2. To generate more income for Ugandan Farmers through this niche in the market.

  3. To provide high quality goat meat for export.

  4. To establish a niche for our products in the market by establishing them as high quality and reliable.


  • we intend to sale our product to slaughter houses in Mityana, Kampala and neighboring districts.

  • This will be strengthened by our beef dealer network that we have built in the last 5 years.

  • We also intend to focus on supplying government programmes like the Ministry of Agriculture NAADS project and many other projects that might need our products.

  • Our market future looks into export of goat beef and further to packaging it as one of the business visions.


Market size

Goat meat stands the same position in the world with beef, pork and chicken, which is in popular all over the international market. The international consumption of goat products is about 1.4 million tonnes, which is equivalent to about 70,000,000 (20 - 30Kg)live goats.

We believe after the first two years we shall be able to supply more customers.

Market growth

The demand for goat meat in the world market is in a constant rise, as well as their price. According to the goat meat market analysis done by EU Common agriculture,

Based on an average of €244.1 per 100 kg of deadweight beef during 2000-2005, it is expected that EU beef prices will slowly rise to as high as €259.2 by 2011/12, dropping only slightly to €258.7 by 2013/14 when the current EU Common Agriculture Policy expires.

Difference between Swamy goats investments and our competitors

Our business is already in existence in Uganda hence stiff competion but at our infancy stage, we are blessed with having a very good and large piece of land 50 acres, that is indulged with fresh natural running waters and an ever green vegetation. The climate is also conducive for goat rearing and breeding throughout the year.


Senyonga Maclian.

Bsc Mechanical Engineering.

Makerere University Kampala


Wamala Yusuf.

Businessman.(animal husbandry)

From these qualifications you can see there is a collection of good business and communications skills with good guidance from the local farmers.


We have good business skills as we have been conducting various businesses in Crop and animal husbandry. For example we run an agriculture campaign championed by Buganda Kingdom heads to restore agricultural norms long lost where trees and food crops were planted.

We are also relying on the past experience of friends like Mr. Ishaka whp has been in goat production for over 7years and is providing constant consultation services to all the farmers all through the goat farming activities.

Starting capital

We need 31,200,000 UGX (11000Euros) to start operations. 6,000,000 UGX (2118.18 Euros) for setting up the first farm as well as miscellaneous costs for the first year. However this cost will definitely drop with time for example the setup costs.

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