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Ag 4 Africa: A Rural Development Model for SSA


Ag 4 Africa is committed to promoting sustainable agricultural development throughout SSA starting with the cultivation of the Bambara groundnut.


Ag 4 Africa is a rural development model for Sub-Saharan Africa. Through social entrepreneurship and native African crops, Ag 4 Africa will challenge issues such as food security, malnutrition and economic development through sustainable agriculture and self-sufficiency.

With the cultivation of indigenous Africa crops, farmers can break the cycle of poverty and ensure a stable food source. Beginning with the Bambara groundnut, a substitute product to the soy bean; Ag 4 Africa believes that through its strategic partnerships it can effectively create a global demand for Bambara.

Fostering relationships with private and public sector institutions as well as multinational corporations; processing at Nestle in Ghana, the milk product sold through Starbucks, A4A will be able to reach lucrative international markets. Through A4A’s mission to cycle revenues back into the communities they are operating in, A4A will improve the quality of life through investments in infrastructure, education and health care.

The mission of Ag 4 Africa, supporting the United Nations Millennium Development goals, is as follows:

  • To form an effective coalition empowering the African farmers to modernize their agricultural farming practices and reach new markets.
  • To protect biodiversity through social responsible, sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices.
  • To strengthen the agribusiness industry of Sub-Saharan Africa by implementing an export-oriented industrialization model, with the belief that exports are the axis of wise industrial policy.


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