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Charcoal Briquettes from Agricultural Wastes on Super Stoves, Carbon Microcredits on Cellphones


Transform agricultural like sugarcane stalks into smokeless charcoal briquettes, use them on energy saving cook stoves and claim the resultant carbon credits using cellphones.

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Integrated Sustainable Rural Innovative Ventures (ISRIV) is set to exploit a largely untapped fuel resource that exists in the form of agricultural wastes in this world that is struggling to keep itself from self destruction in the business venture named E Energy Green Revolution Initiatives(EEGRI). This is a Root to Leaf Utilization Approach to sugarcane geared to spur rural agribusiness revolution. It entails using bagasse, the sugarcane stalks that remain in the fields; a by product which has hitherto been laying waste and then move on to use molasses to produce a myriad of products. These will include smokeless charcoal briquettes, biomass briquettes, pulp, paper, particle boards and cattle feed. Then we shall go straight ahead to use the integrated complex to produce molasses related products like ethyl alcohol, citric acid, bakers’ yeast, sugarcane wax and a host of other value added down downstream products

The first phase of the venture will kick off by building a charcoal briquette plant within the precincts of Sony Sugar CO LTD Awendo Division, Rongo District of Nyanza Province Kenya. This is in the heart of the Sugar Belt Region with its two proposed white sugar factories in the adjacent Transmara and Ndhiwa Districts. Sony Sugar factory churns out hundreds of tons of fibrous remains of sugarcane processing known as bagasse as evident by the mountain besides the factory. The briquettes can also be made from leaves and stalks that remain in the fields after harvesting, saw dust, rice bran, groundnut shells, coffee husk and the like

This is a multifaceted approach of making both carbonized charcoal briquettes and biomass charcoal briquettes to meet the demands of various market segments. Apart from making commensurate efficient, energy saving stoves and ovens as the needs may require, the program shall go right a head and help our customers monetize their carbon offsets. This will be done in collaboration with Carbon Manna(LTD)of Dr. David Palella which are setting in motion systems which employs SMS (short message service) and unique identifiers that will allow millions of families in the Developing World to claim by mobile phone on a bi-weekly basis the carbon offsets they produce by converting to more efficient cooking methods such as a modern charcoal stove , solar cooker,charcoal or biomass briquettes instead of an inefficient 3-stone fire burning biomass. As a result, each family becomes a micro-profit center and is able to monetize directly its own contribution to mitigating global climate change, while also slowing regional deforestation and desertification, which are rampant ecological scourges in Sub-Saharan Africa in particular.

As much as this will upscale our sales of super cooking stoves, gasifiers and briquettes, we shall also reap carbon credits for ourselves and be in a position to sell numerous cell phones on check off system given the surety of the forth coming carbon credits as they erase their carbon foot prints. A process which has given the whole process the name “E” Energy Green Revolution Initiatives.

This will be the cutting edge in our marketing policy that will create an instant impact and a sustained customer base as 75% of the Kenyan homes use charcoal for their domestic energy requirements from natural forests which are being depleted at alarming rate. This is accelerated with population explosion in the rural area and the urban drift which has seen an increase in poor urban dwellers who can not afford alternative domestic fuels.

Thus, the development of a substitute fuel for the charcoal from natural fuel forests is imperative. To this point, this venture is a viable business which will create employment to the rural people especially the womenfolk as well as provide good returns to the entrepreneur and her investors. According to the simple feasibility study that we have carried out, we have come out with a sales projection of 7 tons of charcoal briquettes a day within the first nine months of operation at a selling price of kshs12.50(0.17US) per kilogram as compared to conventional charcoal which has a market price ranging from kshs:20(0.27US dollar)-kshs:25(0.30US) per kilogram, apart from the sales of other products and services.

The management team includes the entrepenuer George Otieno Okumu a rural development enthusisat seasoned with tenacity and fortitude.After having dropped from school in second form in seconday due lack of school fees defied the odds of poverty to become a holder Ordinary- Level Certificate of Education, Exams Council Single Subjects Business Studies Section:Accounting 1&2,Cost Accounting 1, Elementary Auditing. Started a mini bakery using old oil drums that has virtually supplied every soft drink shop with sweet buns and cakes in Rongo ,Migori, Uriri and Homa Bay Districts.I come in as the director of the company.

The company will source for the general manager preferably a graduate in business management with atleast three years experience in factory operations or a holder of a very good diploma from a recognized instution like Kenya polytechnic with five years experience.

We also recruit the services of an efficient factory manager cum foreman a person adept in factory operations,a sales rep with two assistants,an accounts clerk,12 factory workers excluding casuals,3 artisans,receptionist and 4 wacthmen.

This is an eco friendly venture with various avenues of replication and expansion within East Africa and beyond which comes at an opportune time. The start up requirement for phase one of the project is Kshs:14,663,376 = which is equivalent of USD 187,992 this shall be used in construction of the plant, procurement of the machinery required and also as working capital for 6 months.

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  • the attached copy is startup businessplan

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