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'LEO' - Bridging the Digital Divide One Village to Another and to the World  REMIX 


How to talk daily to 100,000 residents of a Vast Farming District Measuring 100 M Sq and receive a respond from them without using Digital resources such as Radio,Mobile Phones or the Internet

LOCATION(S): General

1.0 Summary

Quote- My People Perish for lack of knowledge .-Bible

1.1 Introduction



Lead Innovator- A.D.E.O (Awareness, Development & Empowerment Orgarnisation)

A.D.E.O is a Registered Community based Orgarnisation with a Vision of a enlightened African Rural Population able to lift themselves into prosperity. Access Information and communication Technologies has been recorgnized as an essential ingredient in achiving this Vision.

Our Group comprises of Young-and young at heart-Proffessionals and non proffesionals who hail from likuyani District and the Greater Lugari Districts of Western Kenya.We are on a Mission to bridge the Digital Divide in our District by way of an innovative use of both High Tech and Low Tech Resources.

What is the 'Leo Network ?'

'Leo' in Swahili meaning 'Today' or "This day' .

The Idea for a network of Community Notice Boards was inspired by the need to reach every individual in our farming District with Information he or she would consider relevant.

Likuyani District in WesternKenya is the propsed location of our pilot project .The District mesures 100 Metres Squared and has a population of one Hundred thousand residents. We are small scale Maize farmers and most of us also keep Cows for milk and earn an extra income from Casual Labour,Chicken Rearing and Vegatable farming

'The Concept came from one of our Members Zack Matere who has effectively used his Mobile Phone to seek solutions and find markets for his small potato farming enterprise.Matere was also able to highlight the destruction of the Village water catchment area and Forest reserve by taking pictures on his phone and posting them on the social Networking site Facebook. Link

The leo network of notice boards is our attempts to aggeregate Matere's example in a non Digital form that can be aesily adopted by others in the Village and the District

Leo is also about receiving Articles,Adverts and Pictures from residents of the Twenty-six Market Centres and three Administrative Centres in the District and sharing it with other Villages the whole District and the World. Each Village is to have its own webpage ,facebook page and G.P.S location Marker

What is the Leo Notice Board ?

A wooden T-Shaped Noticeboard 2*2 M Squared on each face. it will be put up at a Market Square where all residents can view its contents easily (see attachment -Leo Board) from all angles.One side has a White or Black Board for writting down Claasified S.M.S Adverts while the other three faces will have a soft board for posting printed out Articles,Pictures and Posters from the community or from outside.

An equivalent Online Leo Notice Board for the Village is updated in real-time enabling those who have access to Internet to be able to participate in the daily lives of the Community.

1.2 leo Network Goals & Objectives

Why set up a community Notice Boards in each Village in the District?

  1. To ensure the rural community is able to communicate almost as effectively as those who use the Internet and other Digital resources without the baggage of going through training and purchasing expensive Electronic Equipment
  2. Make avaliabe of the right information in the right manner at the right price and at the right time even for the last farmer at the last village.
  3. To give Women and Girls an opportunity to play a leading role in the the village,Administrative Centre or District
  4. Create Space for Democracy to thrive at village Level

What do we anticipate from setting up the Innovation?

Daily update of Information in every Village and Small Town in the Disrtict will result in;

  1. A more Informed Rural Population that is educated daily on Modern FarmingMethods through pictures illustrations and Easy to understand written Content.
  2. Better Orgarnised,more Prosporous Farmers Groups,Womens Groups and youth Groups that are Networked throughout the District
  3. School Leavers who are able to design Websites and Use Social Networking and Mobile Resources to effectively promote the District Online and Offline.
  4. More Women engaged in Market Gardening instead of subsistance farming

What is diffrent about 'leo'

  1. The Initiative encourages every member of the Community to take Part in it Every ManWoman and Child is Informed,Educated andEntertained by the Contents on the Leo Board.
  2. It is A Local Idea developed by a Small Scale Farmer seeking solutions to problems he and his neigbours face on a daily basis.
  3. The project is owned and Managed by selected Womens Groups in Each Village

2.0 Assesing the Information & Communication Needs of Likuyani Residents

2.1 lack of Farmers Training Services For the Last 15 Years

In 1995 the Structural Adjustment Program of the World Bank resulted in the Kenya Government rerenching many Government Employees including Agricultural and Livestock Extension Officers.Farmers have ever since lagged behind because they depended alot on the updates on new trends in farming as well as on the farm trining services provided by this Officers. Today our Farmers depend on word of mouth,sporadic farmers field days conducted by Seed andPesticide Companies,National Radio Stations And other means in order to obtain Farming Information.

2.1 Village Level to District Level Democracy

Lack of Civic Education at Village Level has resulted in poor Leadership of our self-Help Groups,Womens Groups and Farmers Orgarnisations.Additionaly residents have no knowledge and understanding of their resposibility to participate in initiatives by the Government and Other Agencies. The Distance to the District Headquaters and the lack of a suitable means of communication keeps most wanainchi(citizens) in the dark.

2.2 Women & Girls left Behind

Women make up half of the population in Likuyani and they face many challanges because they mostly do not own land which is the single source of Capital in the Village.While more girls are now going to secondary school,almost 89% do not go on to Collage.The Girls are married by the time they are 21 or are single parents while some go to Urbarn areas to work as Domestics.

3.0 Required Resources

Financial Resources-

In Oder to fully set up the Infastructure and have all eqipment and Personell to run the operations the Leo Network for likuyani will need Funding amounting to 25,000 U.S $ . The A.R.C Contest prize money of 12,000 $ would provide some of the funds and donations by Individuals and Corprates by way of 'Adopting A Notice Board' will provide an additional 8000 U.S $.Other funds will come from the innovators own sources.

The project will be self sustaining from the very beggining because the Bulk of the Income spent on Constructing the Leo Notice Boards will be paid back when the Leo Agents purchase them through weekly instalments.

Non Fiancial Resources-

Time- Six A.D.E.O Community Based Orgarnisation members will provide their services at no charge for the first three months of operation. The Agents we have chosen in each village will also volunteer their services

Donation of Softwood Timber by Local Farmer, Graphic designer and Local Artist to donate their time

4.0 Business Case(s)

4.1 leo board attached to m-pesa shop

Marketing Plan -We have made Contact with the Safaricom M-pesa Mobile Money Transfer Reginal Agent with an aim of linking the Leo service to their Sub-Agents who are in all the Villages in Likuyani District.Our goal is to generate income from M-pesa Customers and also benefit from being associated with a more established and recorgnised brand.

5.0 Real World Impact

We intend to create an impact in India, South America ,China and the rest of the 'Developing' world because they face the same challanges we do in Likuyani Western Kenya


Zack matere lusitche

Innovator -Leo Network of Community Notice Boards

email- [email protected]

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