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Sareko - A Platform to Connect in real time the agribusiness actors in the sub region


A platform that allows farmers to be visible on a map by any industrial agribusiness and wholesale merchants when they are ready to sale their products.At a local,regional and international scale.

LOCATION(S): General

We are in 2012. The rural population represents over 49 percent of the world population. For a country like Senegal, the contribution of agriculture to GDP dropped 25 percent last year. Not only do farmers produce less but they can not sell their product and enjoy the fruits of their labor. That's why they need a platform that allows them to be visible (on an interactive map) by industrial agribusiness and wholesale merchants.

Farmers may give the price, quantity and geolocation of their goods via SMS, mobile web form or the website. This information will be displayed on a map that buyers can consult in a timely manner. Also an sms alert system will be set up so that producers be notified whenever a buyer is interested in their merchandise.

Buyers may also make orders for a product in a particular region closest to their processing industry or from their point of wholesale and receive an alert when a producer located in the same region has the merchandise of interest.

The goal is to make visible the producers to local buyers but also internationals one. To connect them with buyers as quickly as possible so that producers can sell their product without losing them because they do not find buyers. For buyers this allows them to benefit from a network of ocal producers organized. This platform will support local agricultural cooperatives. Promote sub-regional integration and give visibility to the outside....

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