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Include agriculture into childrens corricular of studies from the elementary level.  REMIX 


Practical education will help a lot
In Haiti we have school gardens with a syllabus/curriculum in Haitian kreyol with 3 hours pedagogie/ classroom lessons and daily garden work.Children te

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Just like the saying goes, 'charity begins at home'. If children can be thought on the basic knowledge of agriculture accompanied with practical lessons in small plots of land assigned to each student were the best yields carries a token price as encouragement, proceeds are owned by the pupils, then the child will be growing with a culture which tells him/her that agriculture is a sustainable way of life and will want to continue in that spirit and encourage peers to join.

As above; we extend this to ateliers for graduates ( program takes 3 years of elementary school, children from 7 yo and older ) in transformation produit making / selling juices, jelly, peanut butter etc so children begin to revaloriser l'agriculture and stay on the land. Included is environmental education and small agroforestry projects children can appreciate. Contact me for more, je peux vous repondrer en francais...June ( [email protected] )

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