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A Simple Chicken Farm to Create an Income for a Whole Village


Local business woman seeking to start a indigenous chicken farm in Kilisa Village Kenya. She is looking for start-up funds and will be assisted by the resident Peace Corps Volunteer to ensure good bus


I am a United States Peace Corps Volunteer working in Kilisa Village, Kenya. I have been in the country for almost 9 months now and there are a few business owners that have tremendous potential in my village. One named Penninah really stood out because she is a smart and dedicated business woman. I was astounded when she actually kept records and could tell me her month profit, a practice not usually done in my village. She currently operates a hair salon that does fairly well.  The problem with the hair salon is that it very rarely draws customers from outside the village. This means money is not entering the village but merely circulating through it. The village needs an exportable good.

I want to see this village grow and support a good quality of life for the residents and I believe business is the answer. I chat with Penninah regularly and we have identified a simple and low cost industry that our village could grow with. She wants to raise indigenous chickens for egg and meat production. We have talked about starting this and laid out the numbers for how it should work. We expect the return on investment to come in about a year and a half with a population of about 15 chickens.


Potential Revenue Numbers:

Retail price of an egg - 10KSH

Eggs produced per chiecken per month - 15

Retail price of a chicken - 300-500 KSH (dependent on weight)


Start Up Costs:

Chicken Coop: 15,000 KSH

15 Chickens: 6,000 KSH

Feeding Trough: 2,000 KSH


Variable Costs:

Chicken Vaccination: 40 KSH/ Chicken

Water: 40 KSH/ Month

Chicken Feed: 2,000 KSH/Month


Estimated Monthly Revenue:

Eggs: 8 KSH * 14 Eggs * 15 Chickens = 1,680 KSH

Meat after 6 months of operation: 400 KSH * 15 Chickens = 6,000 KSH


These numbers are for a small scale farm that Penninah would only have to monitor in her spare time. From the numbers I believe that tremendous profit could come into the village if the scale is increased. This would also potentially create employment for several of the villagers. If this idea gathers enough endorsements the prize money would go directly into the business and foster its growth into an industry that this village could be proud of. 

Please endorse this idea if you believe Penninah should have the chance to really show her business potential.


If you have any questions or want further information please comment below and I will be happy to provide any information I have or can find out.

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