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Teach Through Song


Teach Through Song: Modernize and formalize efforts to teach children health education information through song.


As a Health Educator/PC in the early 80s, we were encouraged to use songs as a tool for learning.  We would sing health educaton information  to the tune of, say, Micheal Row the Boat Ashore.  This was secondary to the lesson at that time, and for fun.

My idea is to formalize this effort, to universalize, to modernize it.  Make it a formal curriculum, perhaps with easily created song books and some teacher training.  When useful/possible, use cds and even YouTube clips.   Involve the women, the mothers and sisters who are not in school.  Make sure there is a person in a region or village who understands the songs and can help disseminate information.  Introduce new instruments  that could be locally recreated, to make it appealling and unique.   Involve anyone local who is known for their singing or dancing; they don't have to be the content experts to deliver the information.  The  songs can be written with specific or universal conditions in mind, and they can be easily adapted for any given need, topic, region, and language.

Celebrate  learning.   Bring some joy to the work at hand.   Teach through song, because ultimately it is free, universal, and enduring.

Does it work?   I still sing songs I learned as a child.  And I still sing "...les microbes sont trouvés partout...", some twenty years later.




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