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Community run development centers


Community run centers are the best solution for Africa rural communities.


Education is the basis for any effective change to take place. Every community can be self-sufficient when equiped with the tools of knowlege and understanding. It all goes back to teaching a man how to fish. When people are equiped with knowledge and understanding no problem will remain without a solution. To bring about effective change in any community the people in the community have to be taught to use their brains in solving their problems. Remember necessity is the mother of invention. If people are taught to think critically for themselves and taught how to resolve their problems within their community, coming up with a solution for any need or problem within their community would be made easier. Each community has a need and within itself is the potential to meet the need. Each community can be taught to be self sufficient. The greatest change is change that comes from within. Such change is sustainable. 

Families in Africa are community based. People live as a community. People share what they have with their neighbors. This is the strength that can be harnessed to serve as a spring board to sustainable change. What holds such communities back from development is fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of failure.  Greatest way to dispel such notions is to have continual classes in the community for adults, both men and women where they are taught and shown the possibilities that lie within their communities. Each community has the ability to build itself into a town and even into a city when armed with the right knowledge and understanding. All it takes is one man armed with such, to teach others and also to teach them to teach others. Only then with the right incentives can sustainable change be possible.

Community centers that serve as research centers are much needed in every community. These centers should be mainly run by members of each community. Those that run the centers would be members of the community that have been schooled and are in tune with the world outside their community. They would be well versed with the kind of developments happening outside their community and serve as a bridge in bringing the necessary changes needed within their own communities. These would be critical thinkers and doers. People who are able to rally their own communities behind each idea whose materialisation would be for the good of the community. These would be people who have the knowledge and skills to tap into the resources within and outside the community to bring about the change needed. 

Communities are able to tap into their own natural resources to produce energy or power needed which is vital for the growth of any community.  It can be streams of water, it can be wind power or solar power. The goal would be to arm as many as possible in the community with the ability to do thus. Schools, hospitals, houses and commercial buildings can be built using local materials and powered using such energy. Schools can localise their curriculums to meet the need within. Businesses within each community can support the local students by providing scholarships or sponsoring seminars and conferences within the community where experts in various fields outside the community can come in and teach members in the community how to better themselves by using what is within reach. 


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