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Means of Communication and Farmers


Internet with rural people


Today, in Africa farmers have more problems to develop agriculture. So, they need to discuss, to exchange and share ideas between them.

More rural people have got network phone. They can call, send SMS to each other, but the best way for them to talk, to discuss, to exchange, and to see more experience and resolve their daily problems is Internet. I will call this system " connecting rural people with Internet.

It's time to take into account of ICT, rural people. For that it's very important to form them in how to use this technology in their domain.So,n exploring Internet, they will always get more solutions with other people arround the world to resolve their agriculture problems.

To test this system and see how farmers will be with ICT, we have done this formation in Segou and Cinzana-Gare in Mali. This formation of rural people to the Internet has been well passed and they were very interested.

It wasn't a project yet, it was only a test and we noticed that people can use ICT well. Now, we are on the way to build up a project for that and do more formations in regions in Mali and in Africa.

One of the post of Internet formation in Mali rural



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