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Irrigation is the Key for Africa to Take on Drought


Getaw Mekonnen- Integrated pump Irrigation Project in rural Ethiopia


This idea won a prize in the 2009 Africa Rural Connect Competition and therefore cannot compete in any subsequent ARC competitions.

I am Getaw Cherinet, originally from Ethiopia, living in Los Angeles California U.S.A. I am now back to my home country to be a part of the Countries Economic growth. Ethiopia is the 2nd most populous country in Africa with the population of over 83 Million and 85 percent of the people depend on farming. Becouse of this fact I chose the farming project in Amhara and Beneshangule Regional State. I started an integrated agricultural investment project that focuses on producing, processing, and exporting  high value Crops ( Sesames, Haricot bean, Sorghum and Teff, Cotton) and Animal fattening and beekeeping on a total of 685 Hectares of land.

Most agricultural producers in Ethiopia are subsistence farmers with small holdings. These subsistence farmers are prevented the use of large process of potentially productive land due to water shortages during the dry season. The key feature of my project idea and model is to be able to produce Crops, Livestock, Vegetables and fruits consistently through Irrigation even during the dry season.

The primary motive for Irrigation Development is to help cover food deficit largely because of drought. Ethiopia's demand for grain continued to increase because of population pressures while supply remains short because of drought which has adversely affected crop production.

The Mission of  this project is to educate the local farmers on how to farm in a Modern Style through Irrigation and crop rotation. Also to generate moderate and sustained commercial returns on investment to the firm inter alia contributing to modernization and growth of Local/Regional and Country's agricultural economy.

The project has the following interdependent purposes

1. production and Marketing of high value agricultural ( Crops and l ivestock) products.

2. promotion of agricultural technologies and market access to business oriented smallholder farmers

3. Create gainful employment and income opportunities to the un and under employed rural labour forces.

4. Made aware of Local Communities about pertinent issues of the time including HIV/AIDS harmful traditional practices, family planing, gender and environment and further support development of social infrastructures and services.

All of these Activities require huge financial resources, Technologies and Management Skills I therefore found Imperative to have Partners, or Funds through your organization for my existent  project.

If anyone would like to know more about my project feel free to contact me on 310 775 3427 before December 31 of 2009. or 251-911-506856 from January 1st 2010 or Email me at [email protected]

I would Appreciate your help

Yours Sincerely

Getaw Cherinet

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